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1,4-Butanediol (1,4-BDO)

Synonyms:  BDO; BD; Tetramethylene Glycol; Butane-1;4-diol


Synonyms:  Propanone; Dimethyl Ketone; 2-propanone; Dimethyl Carbonyl; Pyroacetic spirit

Aluminium Stearate

Synonyms:  Aluminum Tristearate; Aluminum Octadecanoate; Aluminum Trioctadecanoate

Benzyl Alcohol

Synonyms:  Phenylmethanol; Phenylcarbinol; Benzyl hydroxide; Benzenemethanol; α-Hydroxytoluene; a-Hydroxytoluene; E1519

Brewer's yeast


Synonyms:  Butan-1-ol; n-Butanol; Butyl Alcohol; 1-Hydroxybutane; n-Propylcarbinol; n-Butylhydroxide

Cetostearyl Alcohol

Synonyms:  Cetearyl Alcohol; Cetylstearyl Alcohol; Cetyl/stearyl Alcohol; Cetostearyl Alcohol

Types available: 30/70; 50/50

Denatured Ethanol

Synonyms:  Ethanol; Ethyl alcohol

Diethylene Glycol DEG

Synonyms:  DEG; 2;2'-oxydiethanol; 2;2' -oxybisethanol; Digol

Dioctyl Adipate (DOA)

Synonyms:  Bis(2-ethylhexyl) Adipate; Di(octyl) Hexanedioate

Isopropyl Alcohol IPA

Synonyms:  Isopropanol; 2-propanol; Rubbing Alcohol; 2-Hydroksypropane; i-PrOH; Dimethyl Carbinol; IPA

Isopropyl Alcohol IPA EP/USP

Synonyms:  Isopropanol; 2-propanol; Rubbing alcohol; 2-Hydroksypropane; i-PrOH; Dimethyl Carbinol; IPA

n-Propyl Alcohol

Synonyms:  Propanol; Propan-1-ol; n-Propanol; Propyl alcohol; 1-Hydroxypropane; n-Prophylhydroxide; Ethyl carbinol; Propionic alcohol; Propionyl alcohol; Propionylol; Propylol

P-Toluenesulfonic Acid PTSA

Synonyms:  pTSA; pTsOH; Tosilic Acid; Tosic Acid; 4-Methylbenzenesulfonic acid

Sodium Selenite (IV)

Synonyms:  Disodium Selenite; Sodium Selenite (IV); Disodium Selenite (IV)


Synonyms:  Trichloroethene; 1;1;2-trichloroethene

Triethanolamine TEA

Synonyms:  TEA; 2;2';2''-nitrilotriethanol; Tri(2-hydroxyethyl)amine

Types available: 100%; 90%; 85%; 80%

Triethanolamine TEA 85% + Diethanolamine DEA 15%

Zinc Stearate

Synonyms:  Zinic Distearate; Zinic Octadecanoate; Zinic Dioctadecanoate

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Concrete actions, not just words, confirm the quality of the materials we offer. It’s our implemented ISO system, GMP+ certification, or the GMP+B4 fleet standard

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We fully control the supply chain in Poland and worldwide. We have our own fleet of trucks, warehouses, customs warehouses, and a platform for container transport.

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Convenient packaging with customization options

Bags, big bags, tanks, pallet containers, barrels, jerrycans, bottles... we tailor the packaging to your needs. We can also provide personalized labels for you.

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We respond to inquiries within a maximum of 30 minutes, assign a dedicated account manager, keep our promises, and focus on long-term cooperation.


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